Evolving Beast

The Evolving spirit of Beast
Beast is dedicated to the incredible power inside each of us to achieve amazing goals even though they often begin as only a split second image in our mind. These tiny beginnings EVOLV into goals and then grow into results as we play the Ga=M>E.

In Ga=M>E, the likelihood of our goals being achieved (Ga) is maxed when its personal meaning (M) matters more to us than the energy (E) we feel the goal requires.
Every goal takes planning and practice but sometimes overlooked is the EVOLVing nature of our practice, so if results look off, think about finding a new way to practice instead of giving up on your goals!!

The Beast logo shows the 3 faces we all possess
-  Our inner face (left side) - "The Beast" inside us all
-  Our outer face (right side) - What we show the outside world
-  Our future side (center) - Harder to spot since its always EVOLVing

Beast apparel gives us that tangible reminder of our inner power to achieve and encourages us to harness it daily in pursuit of turning our dreams into reality!

Welcome to Beast!!